Allesco Inc. is a division of C.B.M. Inc.. C.B.M. Inc. was founded in 1952 under
the name of Tornado Manufacturing Co., in Montreal, Canada. The company
began producing leather and vinyl wallets under the leadership of Mr. Louis

After Mr. Louis Gestetner passed away suddenly in 1955, the company was taken
over by his son, Mr. Sam Gestetner.

C.B.M. Inc. manufactures and imports leather and vinyl goods, under the brand
names of Alfred Sun, Rochelier, Sullini and Rodier.

In 1982, C.B.M. diversified and began importing work that latex gloves into
Canada under the STURRDI brand name.

In 1992 Mr. Alexander Gestetner joined the company as Director of the
STURRDI Brand Division. This division grew under his guidance, and in 1995
Allesco Inc. was formed to better serve the growing demands of the glove line.

Since our inception we have succeeded in expanding the "STURRDI” product line
to suit the growing needs of the Canadian market place. Among the services
Allesco Inc. offers we customize the gloves to meet our customer’s specific
needs we offer private label, or special printing on gloves and we also supply
point of purchase (P.O.P.) displays. Above all, our company is known for
outstanding service to our customers before and after the sale. AS Robert
Beaudoin – president of Ridge Craft Products Ltd. In Westport Ont. – testifies

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